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Bram Clement

Owner --

Bram Clement wearing red Skydive Rating shirt

Bram Clement

Skydive Ratings

USPA License Number:
D 14597

USPA Ratings:
Coach examiner tandem examiner AFF examiner S/L examiner, instructor examiner/instructor examiner, master rigger

Number of Jumps:

How many years in the sport?

When you were a kid, were there any early activities that might indicate you’d one day become a skydiver?
Not at all.

What was the circumstance that led you to the DZ for the first time to make your very first skydive?
My friend ask me to take the course with him . 5 minutes prior

What made you want to continue skydiving after your first jump?
I thought it was awesome

What’s the best / most memorable skydive you’ve ever made?
Jumps from the B17

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