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Learn to Skydive from the Best


Category ‘A’ - the First Jump

Get started - $125 for Ground School

First jump $218, including gear rental and re-packing.

AFF Instructors and AFF Student getting ready to exit the airplane at Florida's Best Skydiving School™

USPA License Requirements

A typical progression might be:

AFF Instructors and AFF Student in training during freefall at Florida's Best Skydiving School™

AFF Pricing

AFF Packages

AFF PackagesPrices
AFF Solo Jump Package - Save $100!
8 jumps. Ground School, CAT A-E thru 1st solo. Incl gear rental, goggles, SIM, 3 mo USPA trial membership and logbook
AFF Deluxe A License Package - Save $200!
25 jumps. Solo Pkg plus 7 Coach incl A-license check dive and 10 solo jumps, gear rental, USPA A-license fee, packing lessons.

Accelerated Freefall (AFF) Pay-As-You-Go Prices

Critical skill mastery varies. Re-jumps may be required when critical skills are not mastered on the first try. We can turn most people into a skydiver, but it may take awhile and re-jumps could be required. Re-jump prices are available at manifest. If you drop out of a packaged program, posted jump and training prices apply. Skydive City reserves the right to discontinue training for safety reasons. Waiver required. All posted prices are cash prices. USPA membership is required before your first jump. Purchases USPA membership at, about $30 for a 90-day temporary or $78 for a year-long membership. Goggles are an extra cost unless you have skydiving-appropriate goggles. USPA A-license fees are extra.

Accelerated FreefallPrices
Category A - First Jump Course ($125) And First Freefall Jump ($218)
Learn the basics: Stable freefall, altitude awareness, deploying a parachute, safe landings.
$343 + USPA Membership
Category B - Introduction to freefall turns and heading control. Canopy patterns and judging flight paths back to the drop zone. $218
Category C - Release dives. We let you go for your first ‘solo’ freefalls. Canopy topics, planning for wind direction, holding area, and traffic avoidance. $218
Category D1, D2 - Solo freefall turns up to 360° and flying the parachute using rear risers. Solo canopy pattern. Stand-up landings. $192 each
Category E1, E2 - Aerobatic maneuvers and recovery from instability. Accuracy solo landings with minimum or no assistance.
[Category E3 jump is your first solo skydive.]
$192 each
Category F1&2, G1,2,3 & H1 Check - Cat F is supervised “hop n pops.” Cat G and Cat H are a mix of solo and coach jumps to build skills and license requirements.
Check Jump signs you off for solo jumping.
$128 each
Solo Jumps - You’re on your own! Includes gear rental plus packing. $67 each

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