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Tandem Skydiving Prices

Skydiving Tampa Prices

How Much Does It Cost to Go Skydiving?


Tandem Jump Prices

Tandem SkydivingPrices
Tandem Skydive from 13,500 feet $209
Tandem Skydive from 10,500 feet - Save $20 on our lower altitude jump! $189
Take Me Up Again Tandem! - Purchase next jump to 13,500 feet on same day as your jump. $85 Off! Best Value Ever!
Expires in 1 year - Or, use on same day! Non-refundable, non-transferable. May apply value to AFF. $99 at purchase. $25 required fee at booking. - A 13,500 foot tandem for only $124!
$99 + $25 booking fee
Premium Champagne Tandem Package from 13,500 feet - Includes TWO Skydive City Z-Hills Souvenir Champagne Flutes Add $50
Premium High Altitude Jump with Oxygen Coming Soon!

Group Bookings & Discounts

Group SkydivesPrices
Groups of 5-9 - $15 off each $194 per person
Groups of 10+ - $20 off each $189 per person
First Tandem Jump for Active Military - Save $20
Present ID at check-in. Cannot be combined with other discounts.
$20 off

Get a Free Tandem!

Organize A Group, Jump Free!PricesOrganizer Form
Get a Free Tandem - Submit 10 deposits for 10 tandems. The 11th Tandem is free. Everyone still gets the discounted group rate. FreeDownload the group organizer form.




Accelerated Freefall Prices & Packages

Accelerated Freefall (AFF) Pay-As-You-Go Prices

Abilities and success vary. Re-jumps may be required if critical skills are not mastered on the first try. We can turn you into a skydiver – but no guarantee how long it will take or how much it will cost with any re-jump. Re-jump price available at manifest. If you drop out of a packaged program, posted jump and training prices apply. Skydive City reserves the right to discontinue training for safety reasons. Waiver required. All prices are cash prices. Prices do not include USPA membership that is  required before your first jump. See to become a member. Prices are about $30 for a 90-day temporary membership or $78 for a year-long membership. Goggles are an extra cost if you do not have skydiving-appropriate goggles. USPA A-license fees also extra.

Accelerated FreefallPrices
Category A - First Jump Course And First Freefall Jump
Learn the basics: Stable freefall, altitude awareness, deploying a parachute, safe landings.
$315 + USPA Membership
Category B - Introduction to freefall turns and heading control. Canopy patterns and judging flight paths back to the drop zone. $216
Category C - Release dives. We let you go for your first ‘solo’ freefalls. Canopy topics, planning for wind direction, holding area, and traffic avoidance. 216
Category D1, D2 - Solo freefall turns up to 360° and flying the parachute using rear risers. Solo canopy pattern. Stand-up landings. $192 each
Category E1, E2 - Aerobatic maneuvers and recovery from instability. Accuracy solo landings with minimum or no assistance.
[Category E3 jump is your first SOLO skydive.]
$192 each
Category F1&2, G1,2,3 & H1 Check - Cat F is supervised “hop n pops.” Cat G and Cat H are a mix of solo and coach jumps to build skills and license requirements.
Check Jump signs you off for solo jumping.
$118 each
Solo Jumps - You’re on your own! Includes gear rental plus packing. $64 each

AFF Packages

AFF PackagesPrices
AFF Solo Jump Package - Save $100!
7 jumps total, including Category A thru E training jumps, include rental gear. USPA Skydiver's Information Manual (SIM), logbook & your own goggles.
AFF Deluxe A License Package - Save $220!
All Category A thru E2 training jumps, includes gear rental, plus 1 Cat E3 solo. 7 Coach Jumps after Category E. That is, Category F, G, H, your A-License Check Jump with gear rental, airplane and Instructor/Coach. 10 Additional Solo jumps with Gear Rental and your A-license requirements. Gear rental, packing lessons, USPA SIM, logbook & your own goggles.

Experienced Skydiver Prices

Other Training and Services

Training and Gear RentalPrices
Coach Jump customized price on request
Gear Rental ask at manifest
Refresher Training customized price on request

Lift Tickets for Experienced Skydivers

Lift TicketsPrices
Regular ticket to 13,500 feet
10-Block at $26.50/jump expires in 30 days
Jump ticket up to 5,000 feet $23.50


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