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Aviation Weekend 2021

Skydive City 4241 Sky Dive Lane, Zephyrhills

Aviation Weekend Honoring aviation day on 19 August (also Orville Wright's birthday) we're looking into getting some unique aircraft for this weekend. Stay tuned.

Sunrise Jumps (Weather Day 5 Sep)

Skydive City 4241 Sky Dive Lane, Zephyrhills

Sunrise Jumps (Weather Day 5 Sep) Sunrise jumps with first load taking off at 6:30 AM. Arrive at manifest no later than 6 AM. More details and registration info to come. Must commit to two jumps. Weather date


The AFF rating is our most popular rating. Being able to teach someone the sport that we all love so much is rewarding and fun. The AFF rating course is the most challenging and rewarding course we offer. Our goal is to teach you the skills necessary to pass the […]

9/11 Remembrance Special Event

Skydive City 4241 Sky Dive Lane, Zephyrhills

9/11 Remembrance Special Event Special event including smoke jumps, discounts for first responders, special jump loads etc. More details to come soon. Weather day on 12 September.

New Year’s Eve At Z-Carnivale

Skydive City 4241 Sky Dive Lane, Zephyrhills

New Year's Eve at Skydive City/ZHILLS is legendary. WE do 3 loads of night jumps.  Please register at the link below.  You must make all three loads,  The last load is at midnight. New Year's Eve FUN! SCILTER Band Rockin New Year's Eve DJ Night Jumps with PYRO Mask Contest […]

Winter Boogie: Peace, Love, Disco

Skydive City 4241 Sky Dive Lane, Zephyrhills

  A celebration of the 60s and 70s.  Last year was masks (literally) and this year is hugs! Load Organizing and Lots of Amazing Skydiving Multiple Planes Special Jumps and Contests Friday Night Party Dancy Party and Fireworks Show Saturday Night Dancy Party and Late  Night Rave DJs Both Friday […]

Valentine’s Day Specials

Skydive City 4241 Sky Dive Lane, Zephyrhills

Valentine’s Day Specials More information coming soon. Discount tandems and special incentives for skydivers bringing their significant others.


  FLAMINGOFEST 2022!!!!! You need an escape from the cold??? Want to do some epic jumps with world class organizers and have super fun nights??? Don't look anymore, save the dates and come to Skydive City for a fantastic event: FLAMINGOFEST 2022!  From February 23-27, 2022 5 days of so […]

Marti Gras at Skydive City

Skydive City 4241 Sky Dive Lane, Zephyrhills

Marti Gras Save the date. It doesn't need to be Fat Tuesday for us to party like it is. Time for a masquerade!

High Altitude Jumps

Skydive City 4241 Sky Dive Lane, Zephyrhills

High Altitude Jumps Let’s get high to 18K. A little high altitude jumps on this date for no particular reason whatsoever.

Cinco de Mayo Fiesta & Snowbird Sendoff

Cinco de Mayo Fiesta and Snowbird Sendoff Save the date for four days of Cinco de Mayo celebration. Dust off your sombrero now.

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