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Andy Pohl

AFF Instructor

Andy Pohl

AFF Instructor

USPA License Number:


USPA Ratings:

Tandem, AFF, IAD, Coach, Pro-Rated

Number of Jumps:


When you were a kid, were there any early activities that might indicate you’d one day become a skydiver?

Jumping off the roof with an umbrella.

What were the circumstance that led you to the DZ for the first time to make your very first skydive?

I was flying in the tunnel for a while and then finally decided to do the real thing and did AFF for my first jump.

What made you want to continue skydiving after your first jump?

I love the feeling of family and togetherness you get from the drop zone.

What’s the best / most memorable skydive you’ve ever made?

Probably being apart of the worlds very first 2 plane formation flock.

If you could jump with anyone in the world, who would you like to jump with and why?

I would take my parents on a tandem, probably because they said they would never do it.

As an instructor what has been one of the most meaningful jumps you’ve made with a student?

Jumping with students that have some sort of special needs are usually the more rewarding jumps for me. I like the extra effort and being there for someone who needs me.

What about your daily work at Skydive City contributes to FUN at Skydive City?

Usually the jokes that we get to share with each other on the plane.


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