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2024 Florida HU Record 60-way!!

  1 Point says "Yo! We think every year is a head-up year, but 2024 is an Upright World Record year! So get ready… the 2024 Florida Head-Up Record will be March 7-10 at Skydive City! Official attempts will begin Thursday."

International Women’s Day

International Women's Day at Skydive City!

We want to welcome all the women, both local and from afar. We will have Steph Libby and all her amazing energy here to organize RW and some specialty skydives.
Skyvan will be here and available to our fun jumpers

USCPA Meet #1 Skydive City

The USCPA 2024 Season kicks off with Meet #1, which will be held at Skydive City in Florida. Don't forget to join the league if you plan on being counted in the season standings!

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