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Accelerated Freefall or AFF


What it is and how it works:

AFF, combined with USPA’s Integrated Student Program allows you to build a great set of skydiving skills and advance to solo skydiving in as little as 9 jumps, your 9th jump typically being your first solo skydive. You can achieve your skydiving license in 25 jumps, and we offer packages for all of these programs. Each ‘Category’ can consist of 1-3 skydives and establishes a set of knowledge and practical skills before you move onto the next Category. In a nutshell:

Category A is the first jump, includes a detailed ground school on all aspects of free-fall skydiving, aircraft procedures, equipment, canopy control, landing and unusual or emergency procedures.

After the first jump, you continue through the rest of the Categories


AFF Categories B through H

Once you complete the Ground School and first AFF (Category A) Skydive, there are still several levels to complete before we “cut you loose” for solo skydives.

The Program ensures that you can check your gear, handle yourself in an airplane, exit properly, fall stable, complete a series of basic free-fall maneuvers, and that you can deploy and land your parachute safely. Once you demonstrate these skills to us, then you can skydive solo or with a coach.

Skydive City does about 800 AFF Jumps per year, with about 85% of the students passing the program in the planned eight or 9 jumps to Solo Status.

There are many ways to progress in the sport of Skydiving and we can typically get you through to ‘Solo’ status in 3-4 days and a USPA ‘A’ License within 12-14 days!

Skydive City offers extensive training in many areas, so please feel free to discuss your options with any of our highly experienced staff.

Each Category teaches you more and more as you progress to ‘Solo’ status. Once you are solo, you have a great deal of freedom and have great confidence and ability as you move on to your USPA ‘A’ License.

Category B introduces the student to free-fall turns (jump with two Instructors), and improve on your landing pattern and basic canopy skills.

Category C1, C2 is normally 2 jumps, the first with two Instructors, the second with only one Instructor. You will learn forward movement and then fly ‘solo’ for the rest of the skydive. You will also learn to plan your own canopy pattern with minimum assistance.

Category D1, D2 is with one Instructor, and is usually done in two jumps. You will learn 90 and 360 degree free-fall turns and learn riser & braked turns under canopy. We also touch on accuracy and stand-up landings.

Category E1, E2 we practice aerobatic free-fall maneuvers, back-loops, front-loops, and rolls. Canopy skill includes planning your own spot, spotting basics, and landing within 50m of the target by yourself.

Category E3 is your first completely SOLO skydive. Go enjoy the skills you have acquired and have some fun!

Category F-H cover the remaining jumps to finish your ‘A’ license. Some will be coached jumps where skills are taught and demonstrated, and some will be solo skydives. You can do the program on your own, progressing along jump by jump with our assistance of course, – OR –

Throughout the AFF Integrated Student Program, we provide you with a great deal of other training:

  • Learn about your equipment
  • Pilot Briefing
  • Aircraft Instruments
  • Aircraft Spotting
  • USPA Membership
  • Canopy Control and Accuracy Approaches
  • Packing Lessons available
  • Comprehensive Student Guides – yours to keep!

Download the License information packet, with pricing typical progression and everything you need to know to become a licensed skydiver

Already signed up for the class? Need a Refresher on all the material? Here’s a great Study Guide for anyone to use to get a head start on your training, or get you back up to speed if it has been a while since you jumped.

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Student Coaching

So, once you have graduated to ‘Solo Status’, or Category E completed, you still have several steps to do to finish your USPA license.

A lot of those things can be done on your own, but several other freefall and canopy skills must be taught, learned and demonstrated. That is where coaching comes in. A coach jump helps to improve on existing skills and teach you more advanced skills to complete whatever skill you are looking to finish.

Typically the cost is $95/jump, that includes, your airplane slots for you and the coach, your gear rental and the Coach’s fee. You can expect to do about 5 Coach jumps to finish everything for your license.

Or perhaps you can use our coaching programs and our Instructors at Skydive City to advance your skills. For the price of an extra jump ticket, plus a $25 coaching fee, we can send you on a jump with a high quality Coach, who can observe and critique your flying skills, offering friendly and helpful advice to assist you in your progression.

Been a while since you jumped?

There is a treasure trove of information out there to help you review material or get current again. We offer refresher training, but you cna arrive better prepared using the resources from Skydive City, the United States Parachute Association (www.uspa.org) and we put together some great review material here>>

More Questions? Contact us or check out our Frequently Asked Questions.