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Tandem Skydive

Experience freefall and parachute flight attached to one of our instructors. You will be attached by a harness to one of our highly experienced and FAA rated instructors. No experience necessary… More Info



Learn To Skydive

Take the Big Leap and come to our Ground School for your first AFF Jump.  After training, you will jump with your own parachute and two instructors. The 1st step in getting your USPA License. No experience necessary… More Info


or Call 800-404-9399 or Local 813-783-9399

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Calendar of Events 2012





Republican National Convention in Tampa, August 27-31.  We are OPEN:

  • 27th Monday - normal hours 10am to sunset
  • 28th Tuesday - 9am to 3pm
  • 29th Wednesday - 9am to 3pm
  • 30th Thursday, normal hours - 10am to sunset
  • 31st Friday, normal hours - 10am to Sunset





1-2-3 - Labor Day Weekend, It's always fun at Skydive City and a great time to make a few jumps and enjoy the weekend.  We plan a BBQ and Night Jumps on Saturday Night.

  • Saturday the 1st - we have a Blood Drive from 2pm to 7pm.  Donate a pint and get $10 off a jump, a free T-shirt and a cheap drunk...
  • Also on Saturday Night - Night Jump Camp.  We will plan for 2-3 night loads and get jumpers signed off for their D License requirements.  Even if you have never done a Night Jump, you can do two of them with briefing and training, student equipment available if you need and do it all safely for two jump tickets and $10 each for the lights and such.  7pm get-together than evening, jumping by 830, then pack and go again.  contact FMI
  • BBQs and dinners every night
  • Annemarie and James + others will be load organizing all weekend.

28-30 - Masters Skills Camp, our second in what is sure to be a series of camps in the future.  We are doing 20 Ways all weekend, contact FMI, I hear they still have a couple slots up for grabs.





5-7, PD Tveir, Swoop Competition online details at the SwoopLeague website here. Invitational event so we are going to see some of the most awesome swooping and canopy performances in the world today. Email: FMI

27, Halloween Bash and Party




1 - We begin our winter schedule:

  • Mon-Fri, open 9am to sunset
  • Sat-Sun, open 8am to sunset


17 to 25, Annual Thanksgiving Boogie and Turkey Meet - This is the first big Boogie of the winter season and always a classic.  Hard Dock Cafe is hosting meals every night, there will be bands, music, organizers all week and multiple Twin Otters onsite.

  • 17th - Saturday Night Jumps, B license required and organizer available
  • 18th - Sunday Morning High Altitude Load, 22000', B license.  8 am briefing, pre-manifest required
  • 22nd - Thursday is 10-Way Speed Competition, get a team together and we have organizers as well.
  • 23rd - Friday is 8-Way FS, another classic Turkey Meet event.
  • 24th - Saturday is 16-Way FS, rain day will be Sunday. 
  • 24th - Night Jumps again with organizers available.  Get your D License requirements finished up and have some fun doing it.
  • 25th - Sunday Morning hangover High Altitude Load. 22,000' and 2 minutes of freefall time.


Nov 30-Dec 2 - JOS (Jumpers Over Seventy) World Record.  Qualifications?  Just gotta be 70+.  Contact Ski at to sign up and for more info





Dec 19-Jan 13 - the Finnish Invasion at Z-HillsTervetuloa ystävät!

22nd to January 6 - Annual Christmas Boogie - 1000 skydivers from around the world will descend on Z-Hills for a week of madness.  Open every day at 8am, and we have the baddest-ass Boogie on the planet.

  • 22 - Night Jumps
  • 23 - High Altitude Wingsuit Loads
  • Christmas Day - we open at 10am
  • 27-30 - Eric and Markku organizing 60 ways - or to get involved.
  • All week - dinners and music compliments of your party hosts.
  • New Years Eve is a Monday, we will have Night Jumps and Pirate Day
  • 29 - Night Jumps
  • 30 - Sunday a.m. High Altitude Loads
  • Jan 5 - TK's Birthday, Night Jump Camp
  • Jan 6 - High Altitude Load


January, 2013



1 - New Year's Day we open at 10am to give everyone some rest.

5 - Saturday is TK's birthday and he will be organizing some kewl 16 way dives, to sign up.

21 - Martin Luther King Jr. Day and everyone who is a direct descendant gets a free skydive!


February, 2013



14 - Thursday is Valentines Day and a sweetheart special - Two Tandems, Two videos for only $500 (That's almost $100 off)


March, 2013



23-31 is the Easter Boogie this year and it should be a very big year, since it is still early.


April, 2013



Flock n Dock 9.0 - exact dates TBD. Scott Bland FMI at


May, 2013


Instead of starting our usual summer hours, we will extend our 7 day a week schedule until AFTER the USPA CP Nationals.

3-4-5 - FLCPA Swoop Meet at Z-Hills, plus training week leading up the CP Nationals.  Contact Albert FMI

6-12 - USPA CP Nationals at Z-Hills.  more details to come, need immediate info?

  • 6-7 - Training Days
  • 8-11 - Official Competition including a Freestyle Event

13 - we go to summer hours, closing Tuesday and Wed.




Skydive City - Celebrating 50 Years of Skydiving in Zephyrhills