Wingsuit School



School of Flight


Interested in trying a first wingsuit jump? We can teach you!

We’ll take you through all the steps. From rigging up a suit, to all pre-flight and in-flight procedures, in accordance with the international standards for wingsuit training. We will also fly along on your first jump, guiding you through the air (where needed) and shooting good video for debriefing (and so you can show We have a substantial fleet of demo-suits, but may need to arrange suits for people in ‘special sizes’ (so let us know in advance if you fit that category).


Student requirements are:

  • Minimum of 200 Jumps
  • Your log book and USPA License
  • A docile and/or Non Elliptical, Wingsuit friendly Main canopy
  • BOC deployment system
  • AAD
  • Audible Altimeter
  • Wrist or chest-mount altimeter

Email Robin Harris for more info – [email protected]



First Flight Course (Scheduled in advance) – $100 + 2 slots

This includes:

  • Ground instruction (approx 2-4 hours)
  • Wingsuit rental included for the first flight.
  • Video Debrief & solo clearance (logbook signed off)
  • Copy of your video (bring DVD recordable or USB stick)

1 on 1 video or coaching jumps – $25 + 2 slots + Wingsuit rental

This includes:

  • Prejump briefing
  • In flight coaching
  • Video debrief (bring DVD recordable or USB stick)
  • After jump debrief and tips.

Wingsuit Rentals

  • $10 for a single jump
  • $40 all day rental
  • Multi-day discount available

Load Organizing


Especially aimed at small groups of low to medium experienced flyers, we’ll take you through all the safety issues involved with wingsuit formation flying.

We’ll organize your group throughout the day, with a good briefing before the jump, and will join you in the formation or as an outside cameraman (depending on the group and your wishes).