Student Coaching

So, once you have graduated to ‘Solo Status’, or Category E completed, you still have several steps to do to finish your USPA license.

A lot of those things can be done on your own, but several other freefall and canopy skills must be taught, learned and demonstrated. That is where coaching comes in. A coach jump helps to improve on existing skills and teach you more advanced skills to complete whatever skill you are looking to finish.

Typically the cost is $95/jump, that includes, your airplane slots for you and the coach, your gear rental and the Coach’s fee. You can expect to do about 5 Coach jumps to finish everything for your license.

Or perhaps you can use our coaching programs and our Instructors at Skydive City to advance your skills. For the price of an extra jump ticket, plus a $25 coaching fee, we can send you on a jump with a high quality Coach, who can observe and critique your flying skills, offering friendly and helpful advice to assist you in your progression.

Been a while since you jumped?

There is a treasure trove of information out there to help you review material or get current again. We offer refresher training, but you cna arrive better prepared using the resources from Skydive City, the United States Parachute Association ( and we put together some great review material here>>