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Audra Gonzalez

AFF Instructor

Audra Gonzalez giving a thumbs up while holding on to canopy.

Audra Gonzalez

AFF Instructor

My name is Audra Gonzalez, I have 5 Years in the skydiving world.

I Obtained my A license in skydiving at The Skys the Limit Skydiving Center (STL) in East Stroudsburg,PA in the summer of 2015. A year later in March of 2016 I obtained my coach rating at Skydive Ratings in Zephyrhills. This coach rating allowed me to teach new Graduates from the AFF program. In 2017 I earned my AFFI rating through Theresa Nedeau at STL. In the winter of 2018 I relocated to Skydive City and became an AFFI. I have had the opportunity to teach over 400+ students over the last few years both on the ground and in the air. I have had the pleasure of loading planes, working in Manifest, organizing boogies and all sorts of other fun events to keep our community entertained. Skydiving has expanded my horizons and allowed me the opportunity to work travel and meet tons of new amazing humans.

My current canopy is the Sabre 2 150 tucked inside the Mirage G3 container.

I use a purple G3 helmet and the good old analog altimeter for majority of my jumps.

My most recent accomplishments is switching over to a digital altimeter in order to improve my accuracy on landing.

I have over 800 jumps

A ton of ground radio hours instructed students how to safely land there canopy.

My favorite discipline is 4-way belly and I love hybrids.

I have almost 9 hours in the tunnel.

Skydiving is an amazing experience which will change your view on life forever.

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