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Audrey Dubé


Audrey Dubé started skydiving back in 2010 in Canada and has been skydiving year round since.  She is the owner/operator of Own The Sky Paraphernalia. Audrey is a regular LO at Z-Hills in Florida from November through April, spends her summers hopping around various DZ’s around New England and is a rep for and sponsored by LiquidSky Sports. She enjoys load organizing, freefly, VFS, dynamic, and hybrids.

Jump #: 650+

Tunnel Hours: 120+

Home DZ: Novvel Air and Skydive City/Z-Hills

Ratings: USPA Coach/Tunnel Coach

Member of Team Synergy

Awards: Placed 1st at SkyVenture New Hampshire 10th Annual tunnel meet in ADV and VFS

Participant in the Maine State Record for largest female formation.


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