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RW/FS Organizing Z-Flock


Skydive City is a leader in the world in fun jump Load Organizing. We have a large staff of regular and guest organizers for RW, freeflying, canopy relative work and pretty much anything you need.

So how do I get on a load? Come to Manifest, find out which loads we have organizers on, and which organizers are jumping that day. You can hook up with them and we will organize something for you to do on that load.

Meet some new friends and have some fun at the same time.

Now Just Jump!


Some of Skydive City’s Load Organizers:



Annemarie Hammond:

Licensed skydiver since 2000 with nearly 3500 jumps . USPA 159345; D30103; Coach rating since 2012 RW organizer at Skydive City in Zephyrhills since 2010 – organized over 2000 jumps involving small to larger formations, SIS events, 4-way scrambles, Turkey Meet (8, 10 & 16 way), big way camps

POPS Big Way participant since March 2010 Largest formation 130 way POPS world records: 120 way – November 2012 60 way 2 point sequential – November 2013 72 way 2-point sequential – November 2014 90+ way 2-pt sequential – November 2015 IL Women’s State Records- August 2015: 39-way and 32-way 2-point sequential


Stay Awesome Productions


Ryan Patrick

Ryan Patrick Bolohan of Stay Awesome Productions is Skydive and Tunnel Instructor/ coach. Videographer. World Record Holder. He is a FF and Tracking LO at Skydive City when he’s not shredding it in the Tampa iFly Tunnel.

Jumps: 1500+

Tunnel Hours: 2000+

Years Skydiving: 3 1/2

Records: 2x World Record Holder (Star Search 2.0 30-Way Head down night jumps Large formation & Sequential) 2x Wisconsin State Record (Head down Record Large Formation and Sequential)

Sponsors: SunPath Products, Vertical Suits, Performance Designs, Alti-2, Tunnel Rats

Hobbies: Scuba Diving, Wakeboarding, Video editing, Video Games and Camping.



Curtis Weaver

Began tunnel flying in 2012 in Orlando and currently working in the iFly Tampa Tunnel.
– Began skydiving in 2013
-IBA Level 4 Trainer!
-Medalist in 4 way dynamic, 2 way dynamic, 4 way vfs, 2 way vfs!
-representing the US at the world championships of tunnel flying in 4 way dynamic with Collective Pitch