AFF & Refresher Study Guide

Thanks for signing up for an AFF Ground School at Skydive City

We are providing this material for anyone coming to the Ground School, or existing students and A License holders that might want to review material for a Refresher Course.

This material will be provided to you when you arrive, but you are welcome to print it off and bring with you.

Links to resources you can use:


  • The USPA Category A training material from the USPA Skydivers Information Manual.
  • The AFF Student Guide
  • The written test for the AFF Ground School by Skydive City (will be completed after the class and before you jump, feel free to bring it completed)
  • Skydive City’s Canopy Skills Guide, a collection of articles that are great material for staying safe while flying a parachute. Much of this is supplemental material and is not necessary to complete the Ground School, but as you progress through the sport, this material will make more sense and help with your advancement.

Proposed Study plan prior to your class:


1. Go to USPA’s Skydiving School and load and review the following Sections:


  • Container
  • Canopy
  • Safety


  • Safety
  • Exit


  • Safety
  • Individual Skills


  • Safety
  • Emergency Procedures
  • Basic Flight
  • Basic Canopy Drills


  • Safety
  • Pattern
  • Flare

2. Read over the USPA Category A Chapter (Here>>) and be able to answer all 11 questions at the end of that chapter.

3. Read over the Skydive City AFF Student Guide (above) to see specifics about Skydive City’s program.

4. Print and complete the AFF First Jump Written Test (above) or answer as much as you can. You do not need to get 100% as we will review ALL the material before you jump anyway. If you are unsure of the correct answers to things, that is fine, leave them out and we will cover it when you get here.

Other Resources


We have YouTube videos available of recent Category A skydives if you want to know what we have planned for you:

Garrett –

Aaron –

Brittany –