Groupon FAQ’s


Did you buy a GroupOn for a Tandem jump at Skydive City?

Please follow these simple steps to make it faster and easier to get yourself booked.

  • You do have to make a reservation for your skydive, and you have to do it online at our site.  Book Here>>
  • We are not accepting telephone reservations for Groupon, it is actually easier to do it online yourself.
  • One in the booking page, choose your date, time and numbers of jumpers.
  • Enter your name, email and contact info.
  • Choose the “Prepaid Tandem” Option since you already paid for it.
  • You can choose video options now or when you arrive.
  • DO NOT select “I have a Coupon”.  The GroupOn voucher codes do not work in our booking system.
  • Bring your Groupon Voucher code with you, either printed or on your smartphone.
  • Enter any other peoples names and information so they also get the confirmation email.
  • You do have to pay a $25 per person deposit.  This is not optional.
  • Deposit will be refunded when you arrive, or can go towards video or other options.