Coming to Skydive City to Jump?

Accelerated Freefall (AFF) Students


Make a reservation first (if you have not already) at our reservations page or call us at 1-800-888-JUMP (5867)

Once you have made the reservation, your email confirmation will link you to our Online Waiver. Please complete this ahead of time. Your class includes a temporary USPA membership good for three months and we will have you complete that form when you arrive.

On the day of your ground school, please arrive at 8am. The class will start as soon as everyone is here and checked in. Wear comfortable clothing, and some sneakers or tennis shoes, something like that. We provide everything else. There will be lunch and rest breaks throughout the day, but plan to spend the entire day with us.

Experienced and/or Licensed Skydivers


  1. Waiver – First and foremost, get a waiver done, which can be done online ahead of time here.
  2. Go to the iTunes or Google Play App store, download and install the BurbleMe App. No smartphone? No problem, continue below:
  3. No Smartphone? Click here to go to the website. The Website has LIMITED functionality, the App has great functionality.
  4. If you already have an account, i.e. you have jumped at a dropzone anywhere that is already using Burble, then they simply put in your email address and password and login. You can update your profile information but we will still need to verify reserve cards, USPA memberships, waivers etc when you arrive.
  5. If you do not have an account or you are unsure, then on the App or the Website, put in your email and hit “Lost or Forgot Password”. If you have an account, you will get emailed a new password. If you do not have an account, then you will NOT get a new password and you can go ahead and create a new account.
  6. Set up a password and a PIN number. Just like any account online, this will be your email/password combo for anytime you use Burble at any dropzone.
  7. When you arrive, you have a waiver done, you have your reserve data card in hand, your USPA/foreign membership in hand, and put money on your account for jumping.
  8. Money transactions are NOT done through the App or website, they are done at the dropzones.

Here are some images to better guide you on the BurbleMe App:

BurbleMe AppBurbleMe AppBurbleMe AppBurbleMe App

Please see this PDF for more details. Videos on some of the functions of the App are on our YouTube channel.

We expect to see your license, if you have one, and a logbook or other proof that you have jumped and are current. Most foreign memberships are suitable for jumping here.
If you do not have a membership in any foreign organization, then we ask that you purchase a USPA membership, particularly for the liability insurance that it provides.

You can purchase a 1-year USPA Membership ahead of time, online at USPA’s Wesbite.

Or you can purchase an Introductory 3-month membership at Skydive City when you arrive.

Dropzone Briefing


If you are unfamiliar with Skydive City, simply ask one of our staff for a dropzone briefing and we will be happy to show you around. For convenience sake, we have even put it all into a complete Dropzone Briefing Document.

USA Jumpers & Your Gear


Your gear will need to be inspected when you arrive and that can be done at the Paragone Rigging Loft when you check in. You rig will be tagged. If you need a reserve repack, try ot get that done ahead of time, or you can contact Paragone in advance for arrangements at 813-779-0239 or sally (AT)

Foreigners Using Foreign or US-made Gear


Foreign and non-TSO gear is welcome as long as your gear is certified in your home country for use. The FAA (not the dropzone) has specific rules about reserve repack cycles and the use of foreign and TSO’d US-made gear jumped by foreigners.

In plain English, if you are a foreign jumper, and you are using foreign, non-TSO’d gear, that is approved in your country, then your country’s rules will apply.

If you are a foreign jumper, and you are using TSO’d gear, even if it is not made in the USA, then the USA rules apply (180 day repack cycle).

Want to save any confusion? Make sure your reserve has been repacked within 180 days of your trip here.

Jump Accounts & Burble



Jumps at Skydive City are done through accounts using our new package called Burble. You can manage your profile, jump log and personal information, dates and expiries through the Android or iPhone BurbleMe App. Block jumps or individual jumps are available. Click the logo for their YouTube page with some helpful videos.

You can also create an account through the Burble website if you do not have a Smart Phone. But the App is much more functional. As well, you can do all this when you arrive and go the old-fashioned route. Burble is used by some 30 dropzones now and your information easily moves from place to place.

Need a Lift from an Airport?


We offer airport pickups for visiting jumpers. Door to door service – $100 from Orlando, $60 from Tampa, and $75 from St. Pete/Clearwater and any and all airports around the area. Contact the dropzone at 813-783-9399 or via our contact page and include the following info:

  • Your full name
  • Date of pickup
  • Your Flight Info and connecting flight info
  • Which Airport (of course)
  • Mobile Phone number if you have one and your email