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Home of the "$99-Tandems-For-Life Deal"

That's right!  After your first Tandem Skydive with us, you can buy your NEXT Tandem that day for only $99 and use it anytime you want.  We call it "Tandems For Life" since even after doing your $99 Tandem, you have the chance to buy yet another one that day as well (and so on). 

Why Tandem Skydive?

Tandem jumping has been around since the early 80's.  It is about the EASIEST way to do that "First Jump".  After about 20 minutes of training, you will ascend to 13500' (4200m) in our turbine aircraft.

Wearing a harness connected directly to the Tandem parachute system, you will jump together and accelerate to 120MPH (200Kph), freefalling for about 60 seconds.

At about 5000', we will open the parachute, and then you can assist us in steering the parachute during the 4-6 minute ride down. During that time you will get to practice the landing, have yourself a great roller coaster ride (if you like that), and then land on the dropzone with your video person waiting to film it all.

A freefall Videographer can capture your experience, filming the skydive and landing, as well as the 'candid' interviews, special effects and music - producing an 6-8 minute professional production, ready before you leave (as well as a CD of photos for you to take home)

With the training, preparation, aircraft ride, jump, and video dubbing, you should plan on being here for about 1/2 a day. Usually, we will have you on your way home in 2-3 hours.

Tandem Jump Package With Professional Video and Photos $294 (tax incl.)

-Skydive from 13,500 feet!

-Fifteen-minute plane ride to altitude in our Turbine Twin Otter

-60 seconds of freefall

-6 to 8-minute DVD video of your skydive, professionally edited with music and special effects (YouTube channel here>>)

-Complimentary pictures included

-Pre-jump training session

-All equipment included, no hidden fees

-First Jump Certificate, Logbook and promotional offers included

Tandem Jump Only (No Video) $199

-Skydive from 13,500 feet!

-Fifteen-minute plane ride with 60 seconds of freefall

-Pre-jump training

-All equipment included, no hidden fees

-First Jump Certificate, Logbook and promotional offers included

Group rates:

$15 off each for groups of 5-9 ($184 each)

$20 off each for groups of 10+ ($179 each)

$10 off reg. price with Active Military (must be presented at check-in & cannot be combined with other discounts)

Be a GROUP ORGANIZER and get your tandem for free!  If you collect and submit 10 deposits for 10 tandems, your 11th tandem is free.  Everyone still gets the discounted group rate.  Download the form here>>

$99-Tandem-For-Life info

- Only available to Skydive City Tandem customers as a 'next jump' option on the day of your Tandem Jump

- Not refundable, but the credit can apply towards other purchases or programs like AFF

- Non-transferrable & cannot be combined with any other offer or discount

- Normal age/weight restrictions still apply

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