Tandem Skydive - Book Now!

Tandem jumping is about the EASIEST way to do that "First Jump". And Skydive City/Z-Hills is the place to do it. We do some 4000 tandem skydives each year.

From 13500' you will jump with our USPA-rated staff and accelerate to 120MPH (200Kph), freefalling for about 60 seconds.

After opening the parachute, you have 4-6 minutes under the canopy, where you can steer or just enjoy the view.

Freefall video is available of your jump - a professional freefall photographer will jump with you, creating a great production DVD and pictures, ready before you go home. See your jump on YouTube to share with friends!

Tandem is by far the most popular way to do your first skydive at any dropzone. Skydive City has been in business continuously for 25 years now - come jump with the best!

NOTE: Before the jump, eat normal but light meals, and the best to drink is water. After the jump, you can eat and drink what ever you like!!!  No alcohol or drugs in your system the day of your jump before making the skydive.

Learn to Skydive!

Are you cut out for skydiving? Watch the video to find out!

Accelerated Freefall (AFF), combined with USPA's Integrated Student Program allows you to build a great set of skydiving skills and advance to solo skydiving in as little as 9 jumps.

Once you solo, you can achieve your skydiving license in 25 jumps, and we offer packages for all of these programs.

Come do your first solo skydive, and decide for your self, as package upgrades are available even after making 3 jumps with us.